Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

The coincidental facts of IPL teams and Indian host cities

Indian Premier League teams changed a lot of things in Cricket. We saw some new magnificent players dazzling on the pitch. And each year we cheer for teams competing for the Tournament cup. We root for our favorite team players. And enthusiasts travel all the way to the IPL host cities. Every year, huge endorsements and players represent a particular brand city. This makes relating to the IPL with more ease. But there is a list of bizarre connections we skip noticing. Let’s join the dots of coincidences- Mumbai Indians and Mumbai: The IPL Auction 2019 saw Yuvraj Singh enter…

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

5 instances Game of Thrones showed how coming back home feel

Game of Thrones characters exists in a lot of turmoil. We never know who would die next. The unpredictability lingers with each passing season and episode. But one trait that is clearly present in most of the characters is their love of home. Being at home is of foremost importance to them. Whether it’s conquering a land or exploring a dangerous arena, it’s all about reaching back home. Home is where the heart belongs. And Game of Thrones all seasons portrayed this beautifully. When Jon Snow arrives back from the other side of the Wall Jon Snow Quote The most…

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Top seven travel tips to learn from GOT any time

The addictive Game Of Thrones seasons changed our lives forever. It became the epitome of everything interesting and happening in utopian Shangri-la. From dragons (even if debated to be ‘wyverns’) to the Dragon Mother Khaleesi, there lies a whole eon to go gaga for. Traveling to exclusive exotic locations of GOT became the trend. The series inspired a lot of people to shed their travel inhibitions as well. What many didn’t notice that the show gave us major travel tips to take note of. Here’s how- Sansa’s first long journey to King’s Landing : Sansa Stark Travel Quote Tip 1-Don't…

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