Image of Aeroplane for air travels and secrets

Airlines and all things secret you must know of!

Do you know that planes actually hover around a city if they don’t get a terminal to land?

Or that you can cancel your flight within 24 hrs after booking without a penalty?

There are a lot of air travel things which you might not know. And Airlines do have their own set of hidden secrets as well.

It is always better if you know or are aware of some of them. They sure help for a better travel experience.

Let’s dig in-

  1. You can get an upgrade: Yes, you can (no Obama here though!). All you have to do is to be nice. Politeness actually can pay you better. And most of the time, you can get it for free(in case you get lucky). You can ask for the facility if you behave well, are a frequent flyer, are pregnant, or are a non-problematic traveler.
Image of woman in air travel
Getting an upgrade is not that hard

2. There are backup oxygen cylinder bottles: Those oxygen masks you get are meant to save your life. And yes, they do come handy. Don’t worry, you won’t get suffocated. There are alternate portable oxygen bottles to supply oxygen for additional two hours.

Image of a flight attendant showing to use an oxygen mask
Oxygen Masks are life savers

3. Do not complain because of dim lights: These are life savers. In case of emergencies, or a case of fire (don’t worry that doesn’t happen unless you are attacked or there is Greek fire on board). Dim lights ensure that you are able to see everything that has fire or emergency involved. They are meant for evacuation purposes rather than your sleep.

Image of flight seats with dim lights
Dim lights are for emergency

4. You can take your meal with you:  There is no restriction after you have eaten in the flight. You can get it packed and take it with you. Be sure to follow TSA regulations when you do so. And yes, it will taste better once you reach the ground. The tastebuds work better on land.

Image of flight food
Taking away meals is possible

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5. You can get another ticket if flight gets delayed: Rule 240 might be debatable or not but it is followed majorly, and it still helps. With some additional charge or free (in case you get lucky) rebooking of your ticket is still a reality. Get your documents on board quickly. Rebook as soon as possible because every second matter.

Image of passport and documents for travel air tickets
Getting a rebook is possible

6. Pilot holds the supreme authority: Basically the pilot is responsible for all the things on flight mode. He/She is the only individual who can take decisions on the plane regrading anything- landing, take-off, problematic passengers etc. Do not piss the pilots off. Like never! You don’t want to ruin your journey. Trust us.

7. Not all the areas have germs: True the flight has a lot of people and germs.  But not all areas are germ-infected. The major areas that carry germs are lavatory flush buttons, tray tables, airport drinking fountains, and places of human interaction. These places are almost the same as your home, and the bathroom if compared loosely. So, now you know what not to touch without a sanitizer.

Image of bathroom on a flight
Bathroom is not the cleanest place on a flight

8. Some seats experience more of motion: Turbulence in the sky can be because of the temperature or the weather conditions. This is the reason back and front seats get a bit jittery. Choosing flights directly over the wings sure helps. Wear those seatbelts, they are saviors.

Image of airplane seating arrangement
Back and front seats experience more motion

9.Economy seats are a safe bet for security: Simple physics. The middle portion experiences lesser impact. And what better place than to sit in the economy.  You don’t always need a business class if you have phobia problems.

Image of economy seats in air travel
Economy seats are a safer bet

10. Try Booking on Tuesdays and Saturdays: Yes, Mondays are always busy and weekends gets full after Saturday. The starting and ending days of the week can get you cheap air fares, better deals and offers. Just give it a try.

Image of phone and aeroplane for flight and vacation packages
Booking on specific days helps

Flying with increased awareness is what you should always look out for.

Share your knowledge and secrets with us. It always helps others. 

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