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Avoid 10 common bloopers while traveling to another country

We all make mistakes. And we don’t pay for them all the time. Do we?  But at times some instances don’t allow us the room to make blunders.

Going to other countries is one such occasion when you need to be alert.

Ergo, take care of these travel pre-requisites before you travel, on the flight and after you land.

Before the trip-

  • 1-Choose your tour operator/agent wisely: No brainer. A best tour begins with the best kind of people serving you a good itinerary plan.  At Tripfur, we try to get the best for you.
  • 2- Travel Insurance: Yes! You need it. Because you don’t have supreme control over every mishap that might occur to you. Get it from the best travel insurance companies appealing to you.
  • 3- Don’t carry traveler’s cheque: They are outdated. Not many banks accept them anymore. Also, there is little to no protection if they are being stolen. One word for them- Ditch!

*Pro tip:  Don’t book too early or too late. And yes, always keep your travel documents with you. Period!

On the plane-

  • 4- Ask for an upgrade: Yes, you can get them (if you are lucky). But you need to ask for that. Having said that, don’t feel entitled and treat your flight attendants nicely. They are the ones who are going to do that for you.
  • 5- Don’t recline seats if not required: You never know what a small quarrel about a petty issue could turn into. Trust us you don’t want to ruin your holidays because of your conduct and behavior.
  • 6- Don’t use blankets, or drink too much: Okay, this is super easy to understand. Flight walls, sheets and blankets are carriers of germs. To cut short, don’t compromise on your health aspect here too.

*Pro Tip: Place your luggage near your overhead bin only when required. And do not try new medicines if you are prone to allergies or reaction.

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After you land-

  • 7- Change your local travel plan if required: Yes, things don’t always go as desired. You must adapt and re-schedule your trip if there are non escapable factors involved.
  • 8- Cross check for all the travel documents/visa on arrival: You don’t want to travel without mandatory documents. And frankly speaking, you can’t travel without these. So, cross check. Always!
  • 9- Don’t eat near Tourist sites: Yes, they overcharge and you can get the same for lesser at other places. You need to just walk around a bit.
  • 10- Skip exchanging the money at the airport barring emergencies: The exchange rates there are not that good. And use ATM or Credit Card. You get better rates and have to pay lesser fee that way.
  • P.S- Use the tourist information center: They are there for a reason. The staff there is meant to help you. Utilize their services. It can come handy as they know a lot about what’s happening in the city.

*Pro tip-: Opt for hospitality networks and use sites like Couchsurfing, Bewelcome, Servas. Or go for hostels at a cheaper rate.  

Traveling is always a responsibility first and fun second. Make sure you know how to make the best out of it.

Add your tips as well. We would love to hear from you.

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