Best places to visit in October on an Indian road trip

Traveling in October is a unique experience. Whereas on the one hand, the weather is extremely pleasant, on the other hand, the flavor of festivals is in the air.

Road Trips happen to be the best companion in October. Not because it has so much to offer but it helps you enjoy a road trip at its best.

Below is the list of famous road trips from major metropolitan cities of India. Catch any of the cheap flights to India to ignite the travel spark in you and get on the road.

Let’s travel and find out how it ignites wanderlust-

Kolkata to Digha

Two men walking in evening on Digha Beach

Distance: 180 KM

Time duration: 3 Hrs-4hrs

National Highway to take: NH16 and NH116B

Nearest Airport: Kolkata

Riding for Digha is like marching for the sea. Ask any Kolkatan and you would have to compile individual stories.

This iconic stretch passing through mustard and paddy fields is just fantastic. And driving on a windy or a cloudy day is just heavenly. What’s even better is that the beach villages and waves welcome you at Digha and beyond that as well (Udaipur and Mandarmani beaches).

Plenty of shops on the highway make sure you don’t go hungry on your trip.

Kolkata to Sandakphu, West Bengal

Image of Sandakhpu mountains in West Bengal

Distance: 630-641 KM

Time duration: 15 Hrs

National Highway to take: NH 34

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra

Sandakphu from Kolkata should definitely be on your list. You can reach this picturesque town after passing through an amazing set of the landscape.  

Drive to New Jalpaiguri and proceed to Manebhanjan via Mirik. Sandakphu is just 32 ks away from Manebhanjan. Tread carefully as the route is difficult.

Lhotse, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and Everest can be easily spotted here. With 600 varieties of orchids, rhododendrons, and magnolias Sandakphu welcome you to its lap in style.

Mumbai to Goa

Highway Road from Mumbai to Goa in daytime

Distance: 609 KM

Time duration: 10 Hrs

National Highways: NH66

Nearest Airport: Mumbai

Called as the father of road trips in India, this trip towards Goa is just incomparable. Green scenic views with the sunny sand and smooth road are all you need to say- Goa we are coming.

Lined with perfect eating spots and the creamy road, this road trip is tailor-made for bumping on the road creating new stories.

Mumbai to Mount Abu

Tunnel road from Mumbai to Mt. Abu

Distance: 758 KM

Time duration: 13 Hrs

National Highways: NH48

Nearest Airport: Mumbai

Going north from Mumbai is the serene and fabulous Mt. Abu in Rajasthan. To unwind yourself, you can choose going here. Counted as one of the best places to be in, Mt. Abu is not a very long drive. Drive via Vadodara and Ahmedabad along the stretch of 758 km.

With ample shops and awesome scenery to fill your journey with the best, reaching Mt. Abu is a memorable experience.   

Chennai to Pondicherry
The east Coast Road from Chennai to Pondicherry in daytime

Distance: 151 Kms

Time Duration: 3 hours

National Highways: NH 32 and NH 48

Nearest Airport: Chennai

Famed amongst the bikers, this route is as beautiful as it can get. On one side is the sea and on the other is the landscape. The unique amalgamation of the beauty of the sea and land is its hallmark. You can a have a ton of Instagram ready pics for you on the way itself. This stretch in the South is known as the East Coast Road and passes through- Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Idaikkazhinadu, Alambara Fort, Mudaliarkuppam, and Marakkanam.

Don’t wait for more. The right time and season have arrived.

Chennai to Munnar 
The hilly road from Chennai on reaching Munnar

Distance: 600 kilometres

Time Duration: 10-11 hours

National Highways: NH 79 or via Chennai-Villupuram-Trichy-Kanyakumari Road

Nearest Airport: Chennai

A trip to Munnar is like jumping into the lap of tea greenery and plains with lush verdale all over. A definite on your travel list, the winding road and the pleasant weather are your companions. You can choose rock climbing, paragliding, or tea-making.

Going for Munnar is a memorable one with the best pit stop in Tiruchirapalli. An ancient city built by the Cholas, the beautifully sculpted temples, fortresses, photographing this part transports you to another dimension of time.

New Delhi to Kutch

The Great Rann Of Kutch Road with marshlands on both sides

Distance: 1200 km

Time Duration: 20-21 hours

National Highways: NH 48 and NH 27

Nearest Airport: Delhi Airport

This scenic trip has a lot of major pit stops which make it extremely popular. En – route Kutch you will pass through Neemrana (forts and palaces) – Ajmer (shrine and lake)- Pali and Mt Abu- Wild Ass Sanctuary- Bhuj Prag Mahal- Aaina Mahal and lastly the Mandvi Beach. There is an alternate route as well for the same destination. It goes from Delhi to Jodhpur- Pachpadra- Sanchore and then finally Bhuj.

On reaching the Bhuj Railway Station, take the next turn for the White Desert. A 70 km long stretch of the same would welcome you to the Dhordho White Desert.  

Visiting in October is the best time and also if you happen to travel near a full moon date, make sure you get the feeling of the White Desert on a full moon night. That is what most of the travelers go there in the first place.  

New Delhi- Agra- Jaipur (The Golden Triangle)

Yamuna Express Highway from Delhi to Agra

Distance: 800 km

Time Duration: 12 hours

National Highways: Yamuna Expressway

Nearest Airport: Delhi Airport

This route is popular among all those wanting to explore the Golden Triangle of India in the North. Formed by Delhi, Agra, And Jaipur the route is spread across three states here as well.

Witness three distinct flavors of India that form the trio of different food, architecture and cultures.

On reaching Agra (4 hrs away), visit the Taj (it’s better if you travel on a full moon night as there is a special entry in the night). Then proceed for the Fatehpur Sikri, and explore the nearby areas and head towards Jaipur.

Jaipur (the Pink City) welcomes you to experience it with all of your wanderlust. Spend time at the Koladeo National Park and eat at the Chokhi Dhani for a sumptuous meal.  

This forms the comprehensive list of cherry-picked road trips in October in India. There are certainly more of them. Book any of the cheap flights to India and get started.

Start with any one of them and rev up for a new experience.

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