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Fathers Day 2019: This year make it memorable and unique

When was the last time you hugged your father? Or planned for father day gifts?

If you didn’t then now is the time to do it. Sunday of June 16 is the occasion.

Honoring Fathers and father figures got adopted in the world culture in many forms. Contrary to Mother’s day, specific dates of father day can vary.

In the United States, the father’s day became a national holiday in 1972. Thanks to President Richard Nixon who signed the law. This happened after the proclamation of this day as a national holiday by 1966 President Johnson.

It has a permanent national holiday ever since.

We know fathers are important too. But how much.

Let us meander through these TV series characters.

Ned Stark (Game of Thrones):  

Image of Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones series
Ned was the reason Winterfell had magnificent Stark children

To celebrate father children bonding, Game of Thrones did a pretty good job. Eddard Stark or fondly called Ned is all fatherly throughout the series (season 1 to be precise). He hires Syrio Forel to train his daughter Arya who doesn’t want to be a ‘lady’. He protects Jon’s true parentage at the cost of his own honor. He brings up all his children in a dignified manner. He inculcates valor, bravery, and rightful attitude in all his children. Despite having a difference in opinions with Sansa, he remains patient. He lets his kids learn from their mistakes. He bears the shame of having Jon as his son (who is actually his nephew). He qualifies as a charismatic leader while being a great father at the same time. At the end, his death provokes a very strong reaction in his children. And they all individually become the epitome of his character strength.

Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter):

Arthur Weasley gave Harry the fatherly warmth he lacked

Arthur Weasley is the second Godfather of Harry at Hogwarts. He is a person who stands tall despite not having lofty ambitions. His personality traits are inspiring. He treats Harry like his own son. He is there for him all the time. And he makes sure he stays safe. Like always! Despite having differences with Percy, he doted on all his children. It is due to his bond with Harry that he gets saved by him. Harry’s vision leads to him getting saved on time from Nagini’s bite. He is fiercely loyal, is clear on his stands and prioritizes his family while maintaining his individuality.

Hopper (Stranger Things):

Image of Jim Hopper and Jane hugging from Stranger Things
Hopper had fatherly instincts the moment he took Jane under his care

Jim Hopper suffers from PTSD. He finds it challenging to live in the world. His loss is indescribable. But he finds redemption when he takes care of ‘Eleven’ or Jane (as discovered later). He proves to be the fatherly figure to her. He makes every possible attempt to secure her from her exploiters at the lab. Eleven trusts him and relents to his false promises of meeting her friends, for a year. This causes a tussle but it does not hamper their bond. Even though he is harsh and a bit cold, he has a tender way of taking care of her. The one which does not involve sweet talks but reality checks about the world subtly. The place where he secretly keeps eggos in a box for Jane in the forest is one such cute instance. Their bond truly showcases the bittersweetness of such a bond.

Mufasa (Simba):

Image of Mufasa and Simba on a mountain
Mufasa became the guiding light to Simba

‘When we die, our body becomes the grass and the antelopes eat the grass’. This was one of the best advice given to Simba by his father. Mufasa paves the way for his son to be ready for the world. He teaches him the best tactics (although short-lived). He gives him precious advice. And he saves his son from stampeding wildebeests as well. He becomes the guiding light of Simba. He truly shows Simba how to be a better ruler and a better person (pun intended). Eventually, we see imprints of Mufasa in Simba when he returns back to Pridelands.

Felonious Gru (Despicable Me):

Gru loved his girls like any good father would

Gru is an agent for the anti-villain league. Being a former villain himself, he now fights against the evil. He plots for the supervillain scheme of the century- ‘to steal the moon’. But fate lands him into taking care of three girls whom he adopts. He ends up becoming closer to Margo, Edith and Agnes. The girls were originally meant to be the pawns for the evil move. However, his fatherly instincts surface with the turn of events. He genuinely begins loving the girls. And this makes him even more lovable after he chooses redemption.

Fathers are important. And so is their unexpressed love (most of the times). Understanding your father is an enriching journey on its own.

These characters give us a clear picture of what fathers mean to us. It makes us see the beauty of the fatherly bond.

Father’s day 2019 is one more occasion to get closer to fathers. Gift a fathers day card or anything that makes it say you care. It could be a trip back home or simply talking to them on the phone.

Just be there for them. That would suffice.

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2 thoughts on “Fathers Day 2019: This year make it memorable and unique

  1. I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this specific situation plus it does indeed give us a lot of fodder for consideration. On the other hand, coming from what I have seen, I really trust as the feedback pile on that people stay on issue and in no way get started on a tirade associated with the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this fantastic piece and though I can not necessarily go along with this in totality, I value your perspective.

    1. Hi Jesse,
      You are always free to disagree with anything you can’t go along with. Thanks a lot for the encouraging words though. Means a lot coming from people of dissent.

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