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Fulfil all the basics when flying with kids

Traveling with kids is messy. And you feel exhausted.

But all of it goes away with age. When they grow up, you feel satiated that they won’t cause any more trouble.

Till then, you need to buckle up for all those bumps in your international flights to India.

Also, you need to be extra careful because kids are quite unpredictable in their behavior.

Here’s a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts-

Before you get on-board:

  • Prepare your kids for a flight: Toddlers have different demands than kids who are 5-10 years old. While your toddler or infant needs all kinds of safety and hygienic products more, for older kids it’s a bit different. Let your kids be the part of booking process. Make your kid see and watch the entire thing. Prepare them for a flight. Tell them about how wonderful it is flying on a plane. Describe them in details about the thrill of being on a plane via videos etc. This way you ensure that kids remain mentally ready for a new adventure.
  • List their legal documents while traveling: You need a passport for your kids even if he/she is an infant. This is the first and foremost thing you need to carry. Whether you are a single parent or divorced, you would need those papers as well. Bring a legal document signed by the other parent in case you are traveling without your partner. This makes it clear and easy for you and your kid during the check-ins.
  • Check their traveling flight fares: Different airlines charge differently for kids. And it makes total sense to check the fares of the airline you are flying with. It sorts out a lot of things beforehand.
  • Choose early morning or midnight flights: Simple psychology. Kids are not much active at that time. And they prefer sleeping. This saves a lot of time of yours and you cover a major chunk of your time resting peacefully. Plus the flights are not much crowded that time.
  • Order kids’ food beforehand: Just because you assumed the airline would understand, kids’ meals are a must to book. Order it beforehand and let your kids enjoy a good meal and not create a ruckus of unwanted food.
  • Sign them up for frequent flyer program: Because when you do, free flight for your kids is just a few flights away.
  • Book a bassinet: Not all the airlines provide you with all kinds of facilities. And booking a bassinet for your child is always great.
  • Carry all the essentials: Traveling with kids is a long list of never-ending tasks. And no matter what you do, something will be amiss.

So, pack your bags and take note of the following items-

  1. Extra pair of clothes: To make sure they wear clean clothes if they spill anything on themselves.
  2. Extra low-fat snacks: Kids can get hungry anytime because of their hyper activities and metabolism. If you carry more snacks you can save yourself from constant demands of eating in the flight.
  3. Pack water: Keep them hydrated at all times and make sure they drink clean water. Do not fill the water at the airport as it might not be safe.
  4. Carry anything sweet: Supposedly, the best way to stop your kids from going crazy during the flight. Carrying sweet stuff not only satisfies their sweet tooth cravings but would keep them occupied as well.
  5. Toiletries: And you are going to need a lot of them. These come handy when your kids get dirty. And need to keep them clean and hygienic before and after you board. The list includes- sanitizers, diapers, pull-ups, and anything that keeps them germ-free.
  6. Medicines: Kids’ tummies are like nimbus clouds. You never know when they would become upset. Bringing simple medicines for vomit, stomachache or headache would just serve right.

At the airport before boarding:

  • Check-in early: Not anything new, checking-in early saves the hassle of security, buying you enough time for catering to kid’s tantrums etc.
  • Keep them occupied with games and gadgets: This makes things easier when you are in the queue. Glueing their attention makes it easy to keep an eye on them from going haywire in the airport.
  • Get them to the bathroom before boarding: Kids have a tendency to say no to things. Here you just need to make them go to the airport and relieve themselves. This saves you from a lot of embarrassing situations.
  • Tackle air pressure: Kids’ ears are susceptive to air pressure more than yours. Make your child drink water right after take-off. And the same 30-40 mins before landing. This helps maintain ear pressure and helps your kid travel better.

In the plane after boarding:  

  • Surprise them with gifts: Cuddly toys, their favorite candy or anything that can bring a smile on your angel’s face. That totally helps and leaves you with a few moments of peace.
  • Keep them engaged: You could do this by making them read, draw, build up-toys or by indulging in activities that can keep them hooked.
  • Make use of in-flight entertainment: If your kid is an entertainment buff, you need to take advantage of this.
  • No aisle seating arrangement for kids: This makes your kid stay in place. Also, it makes you have proper control of their movement and activities.  
  • Keep calm and maintain composure: Do not lose your cool if your kid is a trouble-maker. No one wants nagging parents or kids around. Teach your kids the basic etiquette of sitting on a plane seat with decorum.
  • Maintain hygiene: Simple to say, hard to make kids practice. However, make your kids wear shoes (for going anywhere). Do not let them spoil the seat with food. Also, do not let them get dirty with food or anything else. Trust us germs are not the best companions to fly.

When you travel with kids, things are bound to get crazy. And you certainly don’t want to have nightmarish trips.

Plan well and book cheap flights to India things sorted out beforehand.

Your wonderful memories of a happy family are just one flight away.

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  1. Very interesting details you have mentioned, thankyou for posting. “The thing always happens that you really believe in and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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