Monsoon Tourism: Head to these cities for a gala time

Monsoon in India is an emotion devoured by poets. It plays a major role in romanticizing India.

Monsoon has its own unique charm and is multifariously enjoyable.

Rains in India makes you experience things you can only imagine. It makes you understand what it means to be poetically drenched in the season.

You can experience Indian Monsoon via Cultural Tourism (e.g- Boat Races of Kerala), and Rural Tourism.  

For Cultural Tourism you can opt-

  1. Kerala: God’s Own Country

Kerala holds tourist interest like no other. It’s a perfect epitome of culture wedding the geography of the region.

You can experience it in food, its dances and multiple understanding of human psyche. Some exquisite aspects to feel Kerala in monsoon are-

Nehru Boat Race: Started in the year 1952, the exciting boat race held in Punnamda lake (Alappuzha) is beyond words to describe. Millions gather just to witness the frenzy of the rowing teams.

* This year the date has been postponed till November. 10 Nov is the date to lock.

Aranmula Boat Race: Held on the Pampa River, Aranmula is an inseparable part of Keralite culture. Beautifully adorned snake boats (Chundan Vallams, Palliyodams) are styled lavishly. Rowing boats with zealous helmsmen, oarsmen and singers make a unique sight to watch. It is organized on the remaining two days of Onam.

Pappiyad Boat Race: An extravagant three-day affair, Haripad (the place where it is celebrated) transforms into something divine.

You can choose any occasion to satiate your travel lust.

2- Goa: India’s own Carnival State

Not only is Goa sands and beaches, but its gastronomic side is also equally sumptuous.

Patolleanchem Feast, Socorro Village:

The Goan Festival of celebrating Mother Mary’s ascent to heaven. The mouth-watering ‘Patolleo’ (made of rice, coconut, and jaggery) is the highlight of the feast. You can additionally check out local handicrafts, and the local culture.

Date to lock: 15th August

Bonderam: This festival is quite funny and unique. Berries and toys made of bamboo stems are used as weapons to re-enact the feud between the villages. The story goes to the age of the Portuguese rule in Goa. They wanted to take control of the land which was like a war zone for the property. But they never succeeded as the flags used to demarcate the land were frequently knocked down.

The Festival takes place on the island of Divar. Blaring music, coloured costumes, the enthusiastic crowd are the major highlights.

Though celebrated as mockery, the villagers still try to outdo each other.

3- Rajasthan: The state of culture

Rajasthan boasts a number of cities to choose from. It doesn’t matter what you want to experience, it has it all.

Jaipur: Teej Festival

Teej is a festival dedicated to the Hindu Gods- Shiva and Parvati.

Women of Jaipur celebrate this occasion with utmost sincerity and fervor. In Jaipur, the festival is colored in red and green. Married women along with long processions of the gods make a beautiful sight. The Teej idol is covered with a canopy whereas ‘Gauri Idol’ is covered for religious reasons.

*Teej Festival is segregated as

Haryali Teej (3 Aug 2019)

Kajri Teej (19 Aug 2019)

You can visit the Hawa Mahal, the Amber palace after indulging in the festivities.

Hawa Mahal: Displaying majestic and artistic 953 honeycomb windows, Hawa Mahal is the most recognizable palace in Jaipur. The windows were meant for the royal women to view without being seen by anyone.

Amber Palace: The grandeur and opulence of Amber palace are unparallel. Being a UNESCO site, it showcases all the pre-requisites of a fort with history and beauty. A light show narrating the history of the fort can be witnessed here.

Jodhpur: Famous for its Mehrangarh Fort, it is a blue rhapsody of Rajasthan. A mere visit around the city can give you a glimpse of what it means to be in Jodhpur. Old shops, delicious snacks, the old clock tower are just the tip of this bustling city. Seen in The Dark Knight rises along with the famed Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur is better felt than described.

4- Tamil Nadu: The Dravid Chapter of India

Tamil Nadu is one such place where history has stunning tales to tell.

Adi Perukku: Held on the eighteenth day of the Tamil calendar, Adi Perukku is a tribute to water bodies (especially Cauvery River).

Goddess Parvathi is worshipped by offering her different rice dishes (Kalanda Sadham).

This year it is falling on 3rd Aug.

Ooty: Toy Train, Boating, Doddabetta Peak, Pykara Lake. Try Varki and enjoy Ooty.

Lush green verdale, tea plantations, mountains are just enough to get high on Ooty.

Monsoons are best enjoyed in Ooty when you hike during the day.

For Rural Tourism

  1. Lachen, Sikkim: It’s a small town set against the snowy backdrop. Conifer trees, picturesque mountains, and unparalleled existence is the major highlight. Simple life, treks and walks are things which you shouldn’t miss here. Take a trip to Lachen Gompa and enjoy your mountainous treat in North Sikkim today.

How to reach: Arrive at the nearest Bagdogra Airport or take direct flights to Kolkata to Sikkim’s only airport.  

  • Theerthamalai, Tamil Nadu: To explore the religious side of Tamil Nadu closely, visit this place. Situated on a hill in Dharmapuri district, Theerthamalai is a sacred spot for Hindus. A perennial waterfall falling from a height of 30 feet is considered to be created by Lord Rama. Springs, granite sculptures, pottery, folk dances, street plays, and the sanctity make it a wonderful place to visit.

*The spring waters are said to have medicinal properties

How to reach: Arrive at Chennai or take any of the flights to Bangalore India from USA and opt for the nearest railway station Salem.

  • Puttur, Karnataka: Nestled in Dakshin Kannada district, Puttur is 52 km away from Mangalore. A town with a rich heritage, Puttur displays simplicity yet magnificence through its temples and museums.

You can best enjoy its rural beauty in monsoon because of the lush green atmosphere and buffalo race (known as Kambala & mostly held from Dec to Mar).

How to reach: Land after boarding any of the flights to Mangalore from US and head for Puttur via public transport.

  • Kumbalangi, Kerala: The first model tourism village in Kerala, Kumbalangi is the best example of eco-tourism and a model fishing village. Lush green paddy fields, crab farming, boat cruises, organic rice (Pokkali), Chinese fishing nets is what sets it apart from others.

How to reach: Ernakulam is the nearest railway station (25 km). Land after taking any of the cheap flights to Kochi Airport (46 km away) and revel in God’s own country.

Enjoying monsoon in India is an exhilarating experience on its own.

You just need to be at the right place with the right kind of travel plan.

Happy Traveling!

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