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This Game of Thrones Traveler Types List is always common

All Men Must Travel.

And when we do, we see the weird side of our fellow travelers.

Some are downright cheeky and some are grotesque. However, a travel trip contains all kinds of emotions and people alike.

And nothing can change that.

Ergo, we have listed the major kinds of travelers in a group inspired from Game of Thrones characters.

Valar ēdruta pikībagon!

1- The Newbie Travelers

Being newbies, all they want to do is travel and say yes for any kind of trip. You can even get them to do anything (haha kidding!)

Image of Arya Stark from Game of thrones characters
Newbies like Arya Stark

2- The ‘OverSmarty’ pants

Ask them about the total journey price, or a place of interest, they are always to have a clever answer. They are snobs and selfish. Yeah, we know that too.

Image of Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones series
Trip snobs like Cersei Lannister

3- The Introverts

Even if you promise them the treasure of a hidden island, they always have an El dorado of their own. In short, getting them on board is a task. Real task!!

Image of Bran Stark from Game of Thrones Season 7
Brandon Stark-type introverts

4- The Platos and Aristotles

Every group has its share of Nietzsche and Socrates. And they do not keep their Gyaan (knowledge) to themselves. But we love them anyway.

Image of Lord Varys from Game of Thrones seasons
Philosophers and Neutrals like Lord Varys

5- The Fire-Brand Flamboyants

Okay, they travel flamboyant. And we envy them. They are the ones who truly do it in style (travel bags, accessories, vehicle etc etc…). You name it. They have it on board all of it. We are J already!

Image of Daenerys Targaryen form Game of Thrones actors
Flamboyants like Daenerys

6- The ‘Know It Alls’

They know it all. They personify ‘Been there done that’. And we don’t want them around. One word for them- BURN THEM ALL.

Image of Petyr Baelish from GOT episodes
The Know it all Baelish’

7- Some more Thinkers

The Thinkers are in every journey plan. Philosophers and them come in pairs. Thanks to them, there is a whole lot of creative quotes on your Instagram, Pinterest, and FB feed.

Image of Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones season 7
Thinkers like Jamie Lannister

8- The Laidback Lads

These lots are always common. Ask them whether they want to join and we get this as the answer.

Image of Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones season 4
The Laid back Tyrions

9- The lovers of Mountains

Travel for these species means camouflaging in nature. And what better way than to head towards mountains.  Don’t ask us what they do there. We all kinda know.

Image of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones characters
Mountain Lovers like Jon Snow

10- The Nay Sayers

Who likes Pessimists? Not us! And neither do you. We know. But there they are (citing everything that could go wrong). How on earth can one be such a cynic?

Image of Theon Grejoy from Game of Thrones cast
Theon Greyjoys in the group

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Do tell us how to kick them out of a trip. We are also finding a way to do that.

Valar ēdruta Travel. (Yup, its High Valyrian!)

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