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Wanna travel Visa-free? Fly to these countries with US Visa

Having a US Visa is quite powerful. Powerful enough for you to access 166 countries! It’s a valid and reputed ID required for air travel.

Japan, Singapore, South Korea jointly hold the major spot globally for Visa-free travel in 2019. But that doesn’t make much of a difference to US Visa holders.

You can still make your trip possible if you know where to start from.

Here is a glimpse of US visas coming handy while traveling-

  • Tourist or Business Visa (B1/B2)
  • Work Visa (L1/L2/H1/H4)
  • Permanent Residency (Green card)

Some countries allow F1 and C/D type of visas as well. And some countries require the US visa to be multiple-entry and to have been used at least once for traveling to the US.

Here is what we have brought you to tick your vacation countdown.

Let us begin-


Image of Duiker island in South Africa
Africa is not all desert and animals

Central Africa

  • Equatorial Guinea – You must get an international certificate of vaccination if traveling from a country with high risk of yellow fever. It plans to introduce e-visa this year. No visa for a 90 day stay.
  • Sao Tome and Principe – Duration is 15 days
  • Central African Republic – 180 days plus an international certificate of vaccination is required

East Africa

  • Mayotte – Duration 90 days
  • Mauritius – Duration 90 days

North Africa

  • Tunisia – Duration 90 days
  • Morocco – Duration 90 days

South Africa

  • Botswana – Duration 90 days
  • Lesotho – 14 days extendable up to 180 days
  • Namibia – Duration 90 days
  • South Africa – Duration 90 days
  • Swaziland – Duration  30 days

West Africa

  • Gambia – Get yourself inoculated and an international certificate of vaccination is required as well
  • Senegal – Duration 90 days with an international certificate of vaccination

Your flight and vacation packages are the important start to your journey. Book them beforehand. It’s a must.


Image of America random road with mountains in the background
America is a traveler’s paradise

Central America

  • Barbados – Duration 180 days
  • Belize – Duration 30 days, can be extended up to 6 months
  • Costa Rica – Duration 90 days but you must pay departure tax of $29
  • El Salvador – Duration 90 days
  • Guatemala – Duration 90 days and an exit fee is levied
  • Jamaica  – Duration 180 days
  • Honduras – Duration 90 days, plus a depart airport taxwhich is paidin cash
  • Nicaragua – Duration 90 days which includes a tourist card of $10 fee

North America

  • Canada – Yes it’s an obvious thing. Duration covers 180 days. Also, any traveler with a criminal record in the past 10 years are not allowed unless with a Temporary Resident Permit or Rehabilitation Approval
  • Mexico – Duration 180 days with a Tourist Card

Air travel in the Americas is nothing less magical. With different time zones and geographical diversity, planning to roam the American continent is an experience of a lifetime. 

South America

  • Falkland Islands-  Yourvisa must be valid for 6 months
  • French Guiana – 90 days
  • Ecuador – 90 days can be extended for another 90 days
  • Guyana – 90 days
  • Peru – 183 days, which gets decided on arrival
  • Uruguay – 90 days
  • Argentina – 90 days, and can be extended up to 180 days
  • Aruba – 90 days
  • Chile – 90 days
  • Colombia – 90 days, can be extended up to 180 days. Please produce your yellow fever vaccination record if you come from Brazil
  • Curacao – 90 days

A Family vacation is incomplete without the kids wanting to go to their favorite places. South America is a perfect getaway for all such trips and journeys. Its historical imprint combined with beautiful landscapes is one of the reasons to roam in South America.


Image of Tree Kangaroo of Oceania
Oceania greets you with its diverse flora and fauna
  • Micronesia – It lets you with unlimited days of stay and you can legally work there as well
  • New Zealand – Up to 90 days
  • Palau – 365 days and also legal to work there
  • Vanuatu – 30 days extendable up to 120 days
  • Fiji – Up to 120 days
  • Kiribati – Up to 30 days
  • Marshall Islands – work and unlimited days

Traveling in Oceania is a real treat to the eyes and the mind.

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Image of a boy sitting with a lantern in a forest in Asia
The Mystical East never fails to surprise

There is no dearth of cheap vacation flights and hotels while traveling to Asia.

East Asia

  • Macau – Up to 30 days
  • Mongolia – Up to 90 days
  • South Korea – Up to 90 days
  • Hong Kong – Up to 90 days
  • Japan – Up to 90 days
  • Taiwan – Up to 90 days

Central Asia

  • Kyrgyzstan – Duration 60 days
  • Uzbekistan – e-visa for 30 days, free transit for 5 days in an international airport. Have an onward ticket as a proof  as well.
  • Kazakhstan – Duration 30 days

South East Asia

  • Malaysia – Duration 90 days
  • Philippines – 30 days without any visa requirements. But you would need a visa on arrival for 59 days for $50 fee
  • Singapore – Up to 90 days
  • Thailand – Up to 30 days. No restrictions on the number of visits if coming via air. Please remember that maximum of visits allowed is two times when you come via other modes of transportation
  • Brunei – Up to 90 days
  • Indonesia- Up to 30 days

West Asia / Middle East

  • Georgia – Yes for the entire 365 days
  • Israel and Palestine – Up to 90 days
  • Armenia – Up to 180 days

*If you are planning to visit India, get any of the designated flights to India and choose your stay. And you must get an e-Visa before arrival.


Non Schengen countries are more than beautiful
  • Albania – For 365 days
  • Bulgaria – 90 days-180 day period
  • Croatia – 90 days-180-day period
  • Cyprus – 90 days-180-day period
  • Ireland – 90 days but you ought to show purpose of travel, return ticket, accommodation booking, and sufficient funding
  • Andorra – Up to 90 days
  • Belarus – 30 days must arrive via Minsk Airport
  • Montenegro – Up to 90 days
  • Romania – Up to 90 days within 180-day
  • San Marino- Up to 90 days
  • Serbia – Up to 90 days within 180-day
  • Ukraine – Up to 90 days within 180-day
  • Kosovo – Up to 90 days
  • Macedonia – Up to 90 days
  • Moldova – Up to 90 days
  • Monaco – Up to 90 days within 180-day
  • United Kingdom – 180 days and you need to show a return ticket along with accommodation booking
  • Vatican City- Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months before you depart the city

Vacation packages with flights are not a thing to worry in both Schengen or the Non-Schengen countries.   

Schengen States

Image of Schengen countries' flag on a pavement
Traveling in Schengen countries is easy with a US Visa

The beauty of having a US Visa allows you to stay for 90-180 days in Schengen countries. You won’t need anything more.

List of 26 Schengen countries

Also, you can freely travel in these countries without obtaining new visa unless the visa is expired or the visa time is consumed.

Traveling Visa-Free nowadays is turning the tides of a hassle-free travel. This has resulted in facilitating business and Global GDP. 

Take a dive and make the most of your US Visa. Your international air travel awaits you.  Good Luck!

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